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My horse has a broken leg. Any tips?

My horse has a broken leg. Any tips?
Mine had a nasty fracture to her right radius in April and has just come back into work. Depending on how bad the fracture is they might have to be cross tied and given bute and antibiotics. My mare had 6 months box rest. Then long lining and hill work for 3 weeks before I could get back on board. She also had xrays every 3 weeks
Vet!! I suggest consider euthanasia too.. it's terrible but horses are tricky like that
Call the vet
Call a vet, there is way for them the to heal but a horse NEEDS 4 good legs not 3....
Vet. Get a very highly referenced vet or figure out a way to get your horse to a good veterinary hospital.
a horse is only good with 4 good legs. the best option is euthanasia. do what's best for the horse
Make sure he or she doesn't reinjure it. Spend the time while he or she is healing to form a stinger connection