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How to calm nerves when first jumping bigger courses?

How to calm nerves when first jumping bigger courses?
Eyes up and don't look at the jump! Count your strides, leg before takeoff. I was scared too but it was actually really easy when I didn't focus so much on the jump!
Singing even out loud can help keep your mind off of your nervousness, I like to think “breath”
Visualize your course in your head, picture the two of you completing the course successfully, and when you go into the ring, ride the same way you pictured it. Stay relaxed, trust in your partner, and most importantly remember to have FUN! Treat it like a practice round at home, because after all, every show or class that you do, is a learning experience 😊
Just think that I can do it then stay relaxed and trust your horse
Try not to focus on the size of the jumps. Think about the lines you're taking and corners. If you focus on that you won't get nervous and you'll ride it nicely :)
Talk to the horse and trust him
i like to sing or talk to myself because it helps to keep my mind off of the height and i’m breathing the wh
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