Tips on how to overcome a mental block? Tia

Analysing your thoughts can help. Try breaking them down and see if they are actually reasonable, because mostly they aren't. Another thing you can do is seek inspiration. Get yourself so excited about something that it becomes worth it to overcome. Both helped me to get back into jumping with my horse :)
My way of dealing with this is pretty easy; you get a mental block by overanalysing things negatively- so try doing it to the point where it doesn’t upset you! For example if you are scared of going in a ring, overthink everything! By this I mean, break down what you are scared of...if you are scared of the ring, just think; it’s only grass, it’s only grass with a wood rain around, it’s only got horses in it and it’s only got people in it! Only horses like yours, only people who are focussed on themselves and their horse, the only thing that is scary is how you perceive it! X
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