What brand of tall boot should I get that are comfortable but look really good?

Arait are the best choice!!!
I suggest Ariat boots. My new Ariat boots that I got just a month ago are so comfortable now and look really good too!
Fabbris are super nice!
Thank you!!!!
Ariat and a good size bottle of Bootstretch will go a long way.
Thank you everyone like Susan Gloade said I will try a various brand👍👍❤️
Parlanti- miami style
Definitely parlantis!! They are so soft and very comfortable. Mine broke in, in one ride and I haven’t had any problems with them!
parlantis are so comfy, they break in like one - two jumping rides. i also love love filli fabbri, once broken in theyre the comfiest thing in the world, breaking in is the harder part bc the leather isn’t as soft as parlanti. good luck!!
I love my mountain horse sovereigns, have a black pair I use both for everyday and shows. Can muck around the yard all day and show up all smart for the ring with a good polish.
I have serio grasso for competing but I had a de Niro pair and they were great ride in them everyday and nice to compete in, very affordable too
I would try on various brand because they all fit a bit differently. Obviously custom boots would look the best, but they are expensive.
Thanks Aoife Mclaughlin!! I’ll look into those
Tredstep are brilliant boots, on the expensive side but totally worth it in the long run!
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