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Tall boots or half chaps?

Tall boots or half chaps?
Tall boots! Half chaps tend to rub on my ankle, no matter how high of quality it is. They always feel weird.
Tall boots, if no tall boots then I prefer riding with just tall socks and no chaps usually.
Tall boots
Tall boots are great. And if you can afford them and suffer through the pain they're amazing. It's just the fact that they're really expensive and SO HARD to break in. Half chaps have basically no break in time and are wayyy cheaper and can look similar to tall boots if you buy leather or synthetic chaps.
Halfway chaps for beginners if you rlly don’t need them but tall boots definitely when you have enough money
tall boots❤️
Tall boots definitely. I don't know why but I always get the impression that half chaps cling to random spots in my saddle lol. Plus boots look better and more classy
Tall boots I find they give more support than chaps
I only use tall boots.
boots for show cause they're expensive then chaps for lesson/practice so you dont have to worry about ruining or scratching them
I like half chaps for lessons and tall boots for shows
Love both!
Tall boots
Good half chaps for durability, tall boots for looks and comfort.
Tall boots
Half chaps
Tall boots, so you don’t have to buy two boots for jumping and dressage
I prefer half chaps
Agree with Quin N. if I was wealthy enough I'd have tall boots all round.
Tall boots for shows and half chaps for practice