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How many days do you give your pony off after a show?

How many days do you give your pony off after a show?
If it’s a 1-2 day show, 1 day off
3+ 2 days
Depends I think on how much you showed, a light show a day or two, a heavy show with lots of action I’d say 3 days or so
Depends how long I showed and how much they did. Usually no more than 3 and that’s if they did a TON of work
3 days
Around 2-3 days but I make sure the day(s) I give her off I hand walk her so she can stretch I her legs
2-3 day depending on the comp
If he or she did well I would give 2 or 3 days. if it was a small show and they did not do much work I would do one day off but it does depend on how much you work them too
If the show is about 3-4 days long we usually give them 1-2 days off but if it’s a two week long show we normally give them a week off
Only one day but if it was only a training weekend no days of
One full day and then after I slowly start back into work
With just a one day show, they get a lunge or hack day the day after the show. The 2nd day after the show they get a day off (field/walker and paddock).
Depends on how hard they’ve worked at the show and how far they’ve traveled for example I jumped a novice and a discovery on Saturday which was 2.5 hours trailer away she had one day off and walked today. However if I did the same classes but it was 1 hour away she’d go for a walk the next day
a week
if it’s a small one day show i just do a light hack the next day. if they’re going far and for a good amt of time they get three days and then light riding for two days then we would go back to normal rigor.
depends on the distance of the show, if it is a short distance only 1 day, but for example I just competed in a place that was a three day trip for my mare, she only arrives Wednesday and I will only ride her Saturday.
1 if its a single day. If its a multiple day race 2
Usually 2-3 days and then they go back into flatting, and I'll wait longer to jump. (I do the jumpers)
It depends on how long the show was (like 1 or multiple days)