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What's a good brand of saddle?

What's a good brand of saddle?
Albion, prestige, Voltaire, bliss of London, cwd
Black country's are good bc they are custom made and the saddler will come back and reflock it etc after a month or so if the horses changes shape
Black Country, CWD, Albion
I LOVE my County. My mare was very back sore when I got her. I did splurge on a saddle made just for her, but I don't regret a single penny! County's are wool flocked and come in a variety of tree sizes and shapes. If you have a tight budget invest in having a qualified fitter come see your horse, even if you can't buy new any reputable fitter will help you look.
Stübben, Prestige and Bruno Delgrange
I would highly recommend Black Country. They have a great variety of blocks and seats to choose from. They are custom made but not outrageously expensive and have always fit me and my horses perfectly. They are also easily reflocked ( the saddle fitter comes to you, looks at it on your horse and fixes it in like 20 mins) so if your horse changes weight or you get a new horse you don't have to get a new saddle.
pessoa and stubben
I like Stubbens a lot but I also heard that the CWD 2G is really nice too
i like my m toulouse
If western I like Weaver Leather if english Devoucoux
I personally use Wintec but only because it has the CAIR
CWD , Prestige, stübben
I really enjoy the Pessoa
CWD umm devnoncoux (that’s not how you spell it 😂)