Whats the most important thing you want in an instructor? (What makes your instructor great)

She shouts at me and tells me what I’ve done wrong. I’ve had many instructors before her who were scared to tell me off so I never improved. You want someone who’s going to be honest with you
She normally says I have a broken mind, basically, I don't trust that I can manage a bad situation when in reality I probably can, she helps me a lot wit the psychological stuff alongside with the normal stuff, for me that's a very important point
Mutual respect.
Good feedback. Helping me gain confidence but not so much as to were I’m haughty and think a lot of myself. Tells me what I’m doing wrong, but also why
my instructor gives me confidence, he believes in me and in my horse, also he knows how to be strict and make me work without over reacting. I think the most important thing in a instructor is if he is going to make you progress in the sport.
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