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How do I thicken my horse's mane?

How do I thicken my horse's mane?
Get some Mega-Tek main rebuilder. Best stuff ever! Then only use a tangle teaser to brush it, and don’t brush when it’s wet x
Try to stop grooming their mane as that pulls out hair. If you really need to, use a comb that is thick and wide spaced and start from the bottom. Keep the mane hydrated with coconut oil. Feeding your horse coconut oil always works a charm! I use it in winter to help thicken their coat too
I’m sure there are some supplements :)
Try some hair conditioners or MTG works really well but doesn't smell great. If you are desperate for like a show you could try some super grow which is for like scabs, but only use a little and I wouldn't recommend it as a long term solution