My youngster knows the basics in riding now. She's established in walk, trot and canter and her transitions are really smooth. What do you suggest I should teach her next?

Leg yielding, serpentines and rein back. Then perhaps start some pole work!
Agree with what everyone else is training but also right now I’m helping retrain a horse because the horse didn’t know how to half halt. So make sure to have a really good half halt
Bending, if you haven’t yet taught her, and lead changes! Lead changes are always fun, and then you can go onto jumping. Trail riding is a fun different thing to do as well
Leg yielding and shoulder in are essential! Best of luck!
You could teach her to jump over logs and natural jumps. Believe it or not a lot of horses are scared of those
What do you wan to do with her. Like dressage or jumping of eventing
Yes definitely cross rails
cross rails. she would probably enjoy it
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