Any good cheap tack trunks you recommend? I’d preferably have one with a lock.

You can ise a tool box and reorganise it and stuff for it to look like a real toolbox also you can watch budgetequestrian on youtube to see how she made it
I use a husky as well best thing ever! Comes with a lock has tons of storage for blankets, saddle, halters, saddle pads and even more! I have so much stuff in mine with so much room to spare! $50 at home depot
I use a Husky tool trunk too and it was $50 at Lowes
@horsegurl I got mine at Home Depot I believe, but you can get them at any hardware store or online and it was about $100
In addition to buying one new, possibly look into purchasing a used one if anyone in your area/stable is looking to sell theirs. With some standard cosmetic updates (metal polish and power washing goes a long way), it’ll be good as new!
If you go to Home Depot, the have mobile job boxes (such as the husky one). I have one and they’re awesome!
@alexandramc where did you get it and how much is it
I use a husky tool trunk, it’s on wheels and it has a lock. I absolutely love mine and they’re fairly cheap but great quality.
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