What are your favorite socks to wear with tall boots and why?

Socks because they are really comfortable
Noble outfitters peddies because they're so comfy!
Soxtrot UK! They are so comfy, keep your feet cool in summer but warm in winter and make all boots fit so comfy! There also in funky patterns
Noble Outfitters Peddies bc they’re amazing!
Nylon socks with cotton feet like the Kingsland show socks. They are very smooth and in winter I can wear 2 pairs without struggle to fit into my boots 😊
Zocks, they're really thin/smooth and cool in summer months
@miasuki, they are very comfortable with high quality material. They are upholster in three part , calf ankle and foot
Oddly enough, some of the best I’ve worn are men’s moisture wicking dress socks (they’re usually about calf high and ultra silky yet super light) or very thin/silky knee high socks (what I currently wear). The latter are very good especially in the winter because if they’re thin enough you can layer to provide additional warmth as needed.
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