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How to manage a very energetic horse? His taking superflex because he really needs it but its making him very energetic and dangerous even at times.

How to manage a very energetic horse? His taking superflex because he really needs it but its making him very energetic and dangerous even at times.
So here is my list of go-to exercises to release energy safely:
- Wider/shorter stride trot poles (gets your horse thinking about where he moves - make sure you have a strong seat as they may jump over them)
- Canter poles (again wider and shorter)
-Caveletti (this is great for getting out energy - gave my boy something else to do)
-Free lunge (works wonders for energy and your bond)
-Circle work in walk/trot/canter (spiral in from a 20m to 10m and back out - on both reins)
-Small jumps (larger than caveletti but not more than 60cm) - jumps work well especially for a dressage horse because they need to focus on them
-Weaving between poles in walk/trot/canter (canter work also helps with lead changes)
-Barrels in walk/trot/canter (seems odd for english riding but gets the mind working
-Lateral work (for some reason this works well for my horse because he needs to think)
-Leg yields/half pass (again like above requires concentration)
-I call this mayhem circles - pretty much you need a full 20x60 arena - put your horse on a 20m circle in trot and then at every quarter pick up canter for 3 strides then after you have done four transitions you need to let him fly down the long side of the arena. Repeat another time so you've done a 20m circle at C and A. This works wonders because it allows him to move his feet nice and fast but also allows you to establish control and regain it at the other end
-Take your horse out of the arena (maybe after expending some energy) and let him have a good gallop or have a chilled walk at the end of your training. It will show him that once he has chilled out he is allowed to go outside and have fun
-Shoulder in work works well too
I hope these give you some more ideas for things you can do to expend energy with your horse :)
Turn him out or lunge him. Don’t let him get away with things. Let him know that until he behaves like a gentleman, you will not get off of him. When he runs away with you, be mean because he’s being mean to you and either 1) run him into a walk and make him stop 2) pull one rein (don’t fall off!) and turn him in a circle until he stops. If you go with 2, he’ll eventually learn that turning in a small circle until stopping takes a lot of effort and he’ll learn that being bad and going fast
Check your private messages :) I've got a pretty extensive list that I sent you
@aliciawillden it isn't enough, I rode him for almost 2h Tuesday, lunged him on Wednesday 20 min and he still wasn't tired when I rode him
Before I ride I always lunge my 7 year old for 10-20 minutes since he’s too strong otherwise
Keep his feet moving and his mind occupied. I find trot poles work really well, have some wider ones and shorter ones already set out and just keep him moving. Try small jumps (even though you do dressage) as they will give him something new to do and expend a bunch of energy. Hope that helps :) I've got tons more things you can do so shoot me a private message and I'll give you a bigger list