Wondering what colours would suit my dark almost black 17.1hh warmblood mare? Colours for horse and rider photos in profile 😜

I know I commented before but I'm a classic gal and only like boring classic colors haha. You can never go wrong with navy. Black, White, Grey, Burgandy, Hunter green are all colors I love on bay horses
Can never go wrong with yellow!!
i like the color red, light yellow or baby blue on dark horses
Maroon or burgundy
Light yellow, burgundy, baby blue
Turquoise and grey, turquoise and Taupe, lime, burnt orange, coral red, definitely royal blue!
Light pink!!
light pink and light grey!
Navy blue looks so good on black/dark bays!
burgundy looks great on my dark bay gelding
white or red. maybe electric blue.
Anything pastel would be beautiful as long as you make sure to keep it clean. I would recommend saving anything pastel only for shows and then having a separate dark-colored set for every day.
Lavender, hot pink, light blue, yellow, or red
Navy, purple, white and other light/pastel colour
Royal blue, purple/lavender, maroon, teal, white
Navy blue and gold
I think burgundy, or a bright pink or aqua would look very nice, maybe even tan
Royal blue, emerald green, burgundy
Bordeaux looks amazing, that's next in my "to buy" list :)
i always think that i dark royal blue looks gorgeous! or a deep burgundy red 😍😍
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