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How to stop a young horse from knocking jumps?

How to stop a young horse from knocking jumps?
For youngsters I generally keep them around 80cm. They need to be easily pop over the fences if they are a bit wrong coming into it. Introduce bounces to him with ground poles and small cross poles. They are my bread and butter when it comes to jumping.
Since its a young one its probly just still working out its technique and how to tuck and control those legs so grid work is a good one and risen poles. Make sure its working with enough impulsion on the way into the jump but dont push the horse so its flat, however if it continues you might find he or she is just lacking power or agility in its hind quarters and in that case hillwork will be a good solution :)
Jumping gymnastics
V poles help sharpen them up and make a good shape
Thanks for you reply Dani 😄 How high do you you think the jumps in the grid should be? He's a 14/2 Connemara 😄
Gridwork is probably the best. Keep it simple to begin with so you can sit quiet and let them figure it out themselves. They will learn to sharpen up and think for themselves quite quickly.
Thanks for you reply Maud 😄 Will definitely try that 😀
I’ve seen that it helps for different horses to make the jump higher to learn them to really raise theire legs more, or else you can make the jump look more striking (with alot of colors or wals)