Hi everyone! Our ASK sessions have more and more success, we would like to gather feedbacks to improve these events and make sure that everyone learns as much as possible from our guest. Do you have any suggestions? :)

Club groups for certain disciplines which allowes anyone in the club to chat with each other and ask questions that are by default directed to the club and only the people in that particular club can see it
An option to chose more than one discipline and maybe a chat room of sorts
Hello everybody,

Thanks a lot for your suggestions and your good ideas Alyssa, Samah andAriana!
We will think about all your suggestions! 😊

The Horsealot Team. 🐴
I would love a chat room where we can talk to other riders one on one
Can you make it so we can post pics and captions and stuff (almost like insytagram)
Can you make a way to be able to see the pictures or posts that you liked on the posts that everyone else liked, because once you hit the like button it’s cinda gone ya know? Thanks!
One of our motivations to ask you for feedback is also because we had top high level riders these past weeks, and the number of questions in French and English was so important that it was hard for them to answer to everyone correctly as their free time is really short as you can imagine.

Each of them spent hours on their ASK but some questions are still unanswered, maybe we should include a 'vote' feature on the questions so that everyone can tell which questions interest the most people? 😊 The guest would start answering to the most voted questions.

All your suggestions will be read very carefully and thought through, thank you so much in advance πŸ™ .

Of course, the riders of the past ASK sessions all have your questions with them and will answer them as soon as possible as they find the time to think about them. We are working on it.

We want to create a powerful community on Horsealot to bring together riders from all around the world and to get you always closer to the life of champions. We feel very grateful of having you all in the adventure with us! ⭐
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