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How can I get my horse to stop cribbing?

How can I get my horse to stop cribbing?
try a cribbing collar
Haha you can't.. Id love if mine stopped...

You can try every thing in the book and they will STILL crib. Maybe not as badly but it will never go away completely. Horses don't have the rationality that we do. A drug user can kick the habit because he can foresee what may happen if he continues. To a horse, if it makes them feel
Good why stop?
cribbing collar & put metal over any surfaces that they crib on, it will prevent them from cribbing
most i know use a cribbing collar, but it’s not very effective. my horse uses a grazing thing that attaches to his halter
Depends on the severity. But if my gelding has unlimited hay - he won't crib. So maybe that's an option.
Thanks for the tips
I put a collar on my horse😬
Cribbing collar, some people put plastic spikes on the top of the door and you can get something that you paint on the door that makes it taste bitter therefore stopping them