I’m gonna participate in No Stirrup November and I have never really ridden without stirrups before what should I expect and can you guys give me some tips?

whatever you do DO NOT balance off your horse's mouth or bounce on their back. start slow & build up to no stirrups for the whole ride
Build yourself up! Have a whole month ahead of you. Plus its all about having fun
Relax have fun heels down balance right and your good to go! Expect a world of soreness though......
Keep your heels down, eyes up and relax! Being tense only makes it harder :)
Just be ready go be sore! But don't overdo it! If you need to start just warming up without your stirrups or doing half a ride without them, thsts fine, you can work up to a whole ride without them!
To keep your heels down (and clear out your muscles of the soreness), try some calf raises or pike stretches - they really help.
Don't squeeze with ur knees!!! Squeeze all other parts but no knees and keep reins shorter than usual so you don't pull back and lose your balance (if reins are shorter u only have to squeeze to slow down)
Oh and you should expect some sore legs after :) But don’t worry, it’s all worth it!
Sit deep in the saddle and use your legs! And just ride like you would if you had stirrups! You’ll get used to it after a couple rides :)
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