My horse has bare feet. Which is fine I would prefer that. But is there any tips on keeping them healthy? I noticed his front ones are breaking but his back ones are fine. Cheers

Hoof conditioner, a feed supplement might help, and if all else fails, he might need front shoes.
Kevin bacons hoof care products are really really good 🙂
keep them trimmed correctly & use some hoof conditioner around the coronary band ONLY. also make sure to put plenty of fly spray on the legs cause stomping will cause more cracks. use pine tar to make them tough
I would like them hard as we walk over a lot of hard surfaces so yo u don't think it would make them to soft?
hoof moisturizer, or maybe a feed through supplement might be easier.
They could be breaking from being dry. Try keeping them moist with hoof oil and even try adding on Stockholm tar
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