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What are your tips for gastric ulcer prevention?

What are your tips for gastric ulcer prevention?
Highly recommend, from lots of experience with high strung thoroughbreds, feeding 2-4 ounces of aloe vera juice daily. Made a huge difference with all my competing horses.
Keep stress as low as possible.
Incorporate a five day worming programme with panacur 10%
If you need some more protection, like if you're traveling, gastrogard or ulcergard is good, but making sure your horse is getting enough forage is crucial to preventing ulcers- it doesn't have to be super high quality either. An older, stemmy grass hay is great for chew time.
Constant free-choice hay/forage is going to be your best friend when it comes to preventing ulcers. Saliva creates a gastric acid buffer, and it's really only produced when the horse is chewing. I use a slow feeder net with 1 1/2 inch holes when my horses are in
Sulcralphate daily
we use gastrogard and it works very well! it prevents and gets rid of current ulcers.
Supplement called Alamen, or Alimen, I don't know how it's spelled.
Equi guard food by St hypolyte (German brand) is great
Boil up half to a whole a white cabbage and give your horse the 2 cups of the juice, it works over night. Did wonders for my mares
Tuffrock Low GI
You can also give them some tums before a ride to help support their gut while you ride
Ulcer guard(omeprezole paste), U-guard(daily pellet supplement), and I use a daily powder probiotic called G.U.T which is derived from licorice root and slippery elm bark(it works well for my horse) you can get all these supplements at smartpak😀
@anniiee totally agree. Max strength tums, 1000 mg. 10 of those is 10g. If your horse, like mine, hates them, stick them in his grain with water to hide them
Bicarbonate! Can feed a handful at a time and it really seems to settle the stomach. We feed it with a handful of chaff about 20 mins before we ride. Much cheaper to buy and works wonders with some of ours
My home remedy is ranitidine, the kind you get at Walmart. 10 pills 3x a day. Slower than gastroguard but cheaper.
Omeprazole is a great med that can be used every few days (talk to your vet) to prevent ulcers. It is the cheaper form of gastroguard. Also Acid FX is great!I use both on nervous TBs and they do a great job!