I compete in Dressage and was wondering if it’s still common to roll your thighs, knees and toes inward? Was told it’s old fashioned.

But not gaping. Your toes should not be out though, they should be in
Well your thighs and knees should be "open" and relaxed, not touching the saddle and
@dixonlindseyr the girl I’m teaching has her knees sticking out so far I can see a gap in them and I asked my instructor if I should tell her to roll her legs in
I don't think it's old fashioned, what did your new coach want you to do? I would think as long as your leg is coming around the barrel allowing and encouraging horse to come up through back
I dont think so, I've been told to open up my thigh so the knee points slightly outward whilst using that rotation to out my heel down (foot is pointing straight (but not entirely straight throughout). Thigh and lower leg and heel can still have contact but not able to help with knee. Haven't seen that idea taught much here in South Africa and we still have a few outdated ideas in circulation.
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