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Tell me about/opinions on Pessoa Training system? #pessoa

Tell me about/opinions on Pessoa Training system? #pessoa
Attaches the back end to the legs. Not a fan but some horses it is essential!
a gadget will never raise their back or engage their hind. only correct riding will.
they get hit in the mouth every time they take a step....ouch
My best friend uses the Pessoa and she really reccomends it. If your horse hangs on the bit, there will come pressure from behind so that wil forse them to tilt their pelvis, and like that they use more muscels and they won’t hang on the bit. But she also told me that not every horse likes the pressure from behind, so if it is possible, I would borrow it from someone to test it a few times first
I think it works really well and would much prefer it over side reins :)
Can I ask why? I've never been a fan of sidereins ect the way it "sets" head. Never used any tools like this in my training. However seeing a lot of positive reviews on engaging back ect.
Not a huge fan on the mechanics of it.