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Can i make money in the future with horse riding?

Can i make money in the future with horse riding?
Yes, but you have to put in alot of work, time and dedication. You have to be a talented rider, and really love horses. It is possible though. I am working at that, so...😂
Yes you can, but it’ll take tons of work, quite a large money investment, and there’s still a chance you could get injured and not ride or just not be successful. It’s a risk
Totally there are jockey schools in Kentucky and other places you can go to... You could be a jockey! Or there are plenty of horse schools one such as Meridith manor in VA you can take a course to become a horse trainer ferrier and so much more! So yes a career in riding or just around horses is indeed possible with some work
You can, but it would mean a huge amount of work for a small amount of money. If you want to ride as a full time job, you have to work your butt off. Mostly you get food+living with a little bit of spending money, and 1 or if you're very lucky 1,5 day off per week. Of course there are exceptions if you're very talented and get an amazing opportunity, but let's say that's a very slim chance...
Yes definitely!!
You can try training horses