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How can I make my position better over fences?

How can I make my position better over fences?
No stirrup work!!! It’s very important to follow your horse and not make exaggerated movements over the fence (unless you’re a hunter). You want the horse to jump up to you, and the two-point itself is less about the movement and more about the timing. By doing no stirrup work, you figure out your natural timing, how the horse approaches a fence, and you’re less likely to get ahead. It’s also important to keep your leg on so as not to lose impulsion, and no stirrup work builds the muscle necessary!
Do not bend over at the hip. I find that if you try to jump the fences you have to spend valuable seconds sitting back up. And if there's an issue on the other side that's seconds wasted that could have been spent attending to it. EYES UP, arch back but not leaning, loose knees, and let the horse jump up to you.
Practice two point
Practice is always very helpful, but also work on two point during the trot and canter!! That way, you can mainly focus on your position and not include distance, steering and all of that. Then, you can canter over a pole or two and whenever you go over it, go into two point over it.
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