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What has been by far your worst fall?

What has been by far your worst fall?
Well the classical oh shit distance and he has some serious power in his jump so I fell on the neck. I usually just pull my self back in the saddle, but this saddle had these huge knee rolls so I couldn't get back on as they were on the way. The horse went left, I went flying forward, and my really poorly fitting helmet slammed on my nose bone and some how I broke the visor of the helmet too. It was my first fall and luckily I didn't break my nose but I looked like a platypus for a week 😂😂😂
i put my foot in the stirrup and the horse spooked ( while i hade one foot in the stirrup) face planted in the dirt ( didn't help me sore throat i had ). we were in a big round pen that had the cheap metal feneces he reared and put his body weight on the fence bent it to the ground ran out tore the stirrups off the saddle. i had allergies from before with a mouth full a dirt and a bad attitude from the incident. the horse a cut feet and was shook. the end!
Falling off the side after losing my balance due to a tight turn (I lost a stirrup just before the last jump in a course so I was already off balance), the horse turned left and I stayed right. Fell straight into the fence, bashed my face against the concrete, resulting in biting my lip open, nearly breaking my thumb, and bruising my hip and legs. It was quite funny to be honest 😂😂 It happened about 2 weeks ago
I had many in my lifetime. Worst was when I broke my shoulder in a jump off. My horse fell on top of me.
Not too bad - I landed on my back and got winded, then about 20 secs after fell off again and hit my chin on the floor
@andreacfont Yea!😂 I think I was just running on adrenaline and the pain didn't set in yet!❤
@lola_the_mule That sounds awful 🙊 I’m glad you’re fine! And I just can’t believe how you managed to get up again and finish.
@jethuiskens I’m sorry to hear that! Hope you recover quickly 😊
My worst fall was when I was riding my muley.💚 She started bucking and I went over her head and my arm caught in her reins. She spooked and bolted and I got caught underneath her. I was dragged about 100ft. When she stopped and reared. I got pulled out from under her and was able to untangle my hand, but I didn't escape without harm. She hit me in the neck and eyebrow, she stepped on my back 3x and the back of my neck. I luckly survived, hopped back on and finished 2 min. Later!😂 My hands where shredded and I hurt sooo bad. That was my worst accident.❤
I got bucked off 4 weeks ago and tore the ligaments in my ankle trying to pull My foot out of the stirrup. My horse bronco bucks when she feels confined, a la bolting and me pulling back. That has been my worst injury so far. I'm fine now, though, though
My ankle will never quite be the same.
I fell together with my horse a few years back. Horse got a pole stuck between his forelegs with one leg in front and one leg behind it, crashed together. Result for me was a concussion, split lower lip and a lot of bruising, couldn't really do much for a couple of days. My lip still has a bump in it from the scar tissue 😞Horse was just fine thankfully 😊
Fell together with the horse on a competition last month, broke my wrist on two places and last week I had an operation to fix it. Will not be able to ride for another two months 😕
My worst fall was when I was at a show and I fell of and fractured my lower back two years ago
@alrikefourie mine was a lower back spasm, couldn’t ride for three months!
Concussion definitly !!!!!!!🙈