Opinions on the Bridle-less bit? Like the Meroth bridleless bit. (Not a BIT-less bridle/hackamore!) Like or dislike? Why?

@bliger that’s not entirely true. I have ridden horses in a hackamore plenty of times and they DO half halt very nicely. My horse has even bolted and bucked, but was very easy to control in the hackamore and I never came close to falling.
@bliger Exaxtly. If you have a horse trained for it that is awesome, but if not....😂😂😂
Dislike you can’t half halt in hackamore sir if they start to buck and put their head down you are basically gone that happened to me today because I’m training a new horse and they said to use a hackamore I knew I was going to die and then I fell off
It is o.k. I would just want a good ol' bit. I can connect with them and feel what they are thinking. If you have a horse that works well in a bit-less bridle, that is awesome! If you have one that doesn't, I don't think they should receive any hate for it!😊💚
Uh... I know what that is and I'm not a fan... Bridle less bit or bitless bridle. Tack is not the enemy. It's the human in the tack that makes or breaks the experience for the horse.
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