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How would you recommend teaching a horse to not bold/speed up after a jump? Thanks!🌟

How would you recommend teaching a horse to not bold/speed up after a jump? Thanks!🌟
Landing pole after the jump 1 or 2 strides after it and then halt at the end. After it halts nicely then try to canter the jump and trot around the corner and if your horse does that nicely trot the jump and then canter the corner. Once it dose that nicely remove the landing pole and try to canter the jump and canter the corner. If it keeps bolting after the jump keep doing this over and over and it should listen to it and not bolt after the corners.
Use a soft bit and relax over jumps
Poles infront and behind
A canter pole 2/3 strides after the fence to give them something else to think about. Or halt straight after every fence until he starts anticipating the halt and he will back off
practice halting after your jumps. it will make your horse slow down and balance.
@sraa19 Yes. TY! Anything helps!❀
A gymnastic course would work, but another this that my instructor taught me is to do the jump, then do a tight circle straight after. The horse I was riding was really fresh and bolted after the jumps. A few times doing the circles and he was perfect πŸ™πŸΌ Hope this helps xx
@ty.and.i1993 Yes. Bounce/Gymnastic courses don't work for Lola on slowing down for me, but they do have their purposes.πŸ’š Yea, She has just started jumping so I shall hope experience comes with time.Thankyou.I am still open to any ideas that help though!πŸ™ƒ
@lola_the_mule my horse does the exact same thing which is why I don't do gymnastics that much. I think the idea is that EVENTUALLY the horse will slow down... Is this correct?
@amandamerk That's the weird part. I have done bounce and gymnastic jump courses, and she will slow down and nail them perfectly. She then "bolts/speeds up" after the last jump. I can't for the life of me figure why she keeps doing this?!πŸ˜‚
Another good way is to set up a bit of a gymnastic place canter rails after the jump like two or three of them in one stride incriminates it teaches them to settle after the jumps because they have to be aware of their footing
@ty.and.i1993 I never thought of that!❀ She loves to take the jumps, that would def. Work!πŸ’• TYSM!πŸ’ž
I like the circle away method. Some claim this reaches refusals but I disagree. The jump is a reward. If they aren't listening they don't get to jump. If the horse is strong, turn away from the jump, and change directions each time so they don't know what to expect. This will get them focusing on you and not to jump.
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