I want to start training/backing my 4years old Nooitgedachter stallion. Where should I start and what methods would you recommend?

It would be great getting a professional involved... But the thing is we live in a small town in South Africa and the nearest professional is about 3hrs away... But luckily I'm very experienced with horses and I've been riding for 10 years now <3 @agilequines
start by getting a professional to help you if you dont know what to do
Personally I would just start him however works best for him and you. Depending on how many times you can work him, how fast he learns, how experienced you are etc. Start with your groundwork, make sure he knows how to lead properly, move out of your space, back up, move over from pressure etc. I dont think backing should be made a big deal, If the basics are done right it shouldn't be a problem. It's up to you whether you start with saddle etc then a person, or whether you start by slowly getting on him bareback. Hope this gives you a few ideas, just ask if you want anymore xx
I really like the John Lyons method. It is more geared toward western riders, buy he has alot of things thay will help english riders. Hope this helps!💚
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