What are the types of clips(trace clips, etc.) and what are the pros and cons of each one?

Hello Sharon,

There are different types of clips, here are the main:
- Full body: the entire body, including face, head, legs, belly, and saddle area, is clipped. This clip is suitable for horses that will be kept in heavy work throughout the winter and turned out in areas with dry footing.
- Blanket: The coat from the head (optional), neck, belly, and flanks is clipped, hair is left
- Hunter: The entire body is clipped, leaving hair only on the legs and a patch the shape of the saddle in the saddle area. Hunter clips are great for horses in medium to hard work.
- Trace: Similar to the blanket clip, the trace clip only removes hair from part of the neck. The medium trace clips pattern can be modified to become a low or high trace clip, but, generally speaking, the trace clip is appropriate for horses in light to medium work.
- Irish: An irish clip removes hair from the underside of the neck, chest, and belly, and is suited to horses in light to medium work.
- Strip: A basic clip that removes a thin strip of hair extending from the throatlatch, down the neck and chest, and under the belly, in other words, the areas that tend to sweat the most. The strip clip is recommended for horses in light work.
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