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How do you know that working with horses is your future?

How do you know that working with horses is your future?
I have a such a passion for horses, pretty much spent my whole life around them, love riding, love eventing so much. You just feel this surge in you're veins, and I think horses just run in my DNA!😂 I am always working on succeeding and furthering everything i do! I love working my hardest, but doing it dor something I love. I love horses, and surge towars that which I love and have a burning passion for!💚
i'm always happy around horses and i just have a strong passion and dedication to the sport❤️
Because I'm not giving myself another choice. I refuse to settle for a job that pays the bills but that I dread going to every day and ultimately leaves me feeling unfulfilled. Working with horses, while not always lucrative financially, is something I love doing, and I refuse to give it up.
The people who end up working with horses in the future are the driven and passionate ones. It's not about being great at it, it's about working hard.
I know that it's in my future cause I don't plan on ever giving it up. Even when I'm not in a place to be able to own a horse I will be coaching and finding horses I can train etc xx