I am battling to find a lease and there is very little choices of leases. I am interested in this horse but i dont feel a connection. What should i do?

So I’m not it too that experienced but maybe take a trial and really try and bond with him or her
Connections more often then not do not happen like they do in the movies. When i got my first horse, we didn’t get along. But now i love that horse to bits.
If you do end up leasing that horse then you can do somebody liberty work to creat a strong bond
Connections take time. You can’t just expect you to go up to a horse and immediately feel as if you’re made for one another. Ask your trainer if you and the horse you’re interested in are compatable. Your trainer is always a great person to go to ask questions, my people on here who know nothing about you or the horse.
The bond/connection might and probably will take time don’t expect to have the best bond ever with him after a few days it will take some time after a while your bond will be very strong just take your time if you think he is the perfect horse like he does everything you need him to do then do it but take your time 😊
Sometimes connections can take a while to form but if it really doesn’t work out you can always terminate the lease and I’m sure the owners would understand.
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