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What is a good affordable saddle brand? 😕

What is a good affordable saddle brand? 😕
Wintec - your horse is constantly changing shape and the Wintec can accommodate seasonal changes without detriment to your horse. I had an Isabelle Werth synthetic & I couldn't get my dressage trainer out of it!
Bates is lovely if you can get a second hand one. I have a Bates caprilli dressage and event jump saddle for cheap. Dressage was $180 and jump $700
You can often get great name brand, quality saddles consignment and with a little leather cleaner you can make them look brand new!
Try and buy consignment that's what I do ! Used saddles are just as good
Thank you all so much it really helped probs gonna get wintec 🙃
A used Voltaire
Wintec for sure! Or Thorowgood.
I like Crosbys
if you don't mind having a used saddle then check dover, tack hunter, or ebay/craigslist and you might score an expensive saddle in good condition for a cheaper price ❤️
I like Wintec
Definatly Wintec
I like Wintec and if you get the kind with CAIR, you can change it so it can fit different horses and that way you don’t have to get a different one with each new horse. Mine was about $500-600
English - hdr
Western- billy cook