Are there any colleges that have an equestrian team within the USA?

Findlay University in Ohio and Lake Erie College in Ohio.
Most colleges do have riding teams, although some are part of the NCAA so you have to be recruited and sign with the college.
Brown, Cornell, Auburn, Cali State, Georgia, Baylor... those are the ones I know off the top of my head. Hope it helped!
Several colleges do throughout the states
Where in the south? West Texas a&m, Tulane, Baylor, Texas tech, a college in El Reno, Oklahoma, that I can't remember the name of, North Central Texas College (where I went), and a few more were all in the IHSA zone I competed in.
I live in the South
There are tons of colleges in the US that have equestrian teams. What part of the US do you like? The Northeast? The South? West coast? Midwest?
a lot of colleges have equestrian teams, especially if they have an agricultural department! you just have to stalk different colleges's website! if all else fails try emailing them if you see a college you REALLY like and don't know (or find the page) if/ to their equestrian team!❤️ hope this helps!
Boston and Yale I think.
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