Exercised to help my TB slow down. Poles make him faster and its canter that he need to work on. Maybe an exersise that will help him become stronger in canter if that makes sense?

@annabelleelliott Thank you I don't really want to change his bit at the moment as I changed it about a month ago and has been a huge improvement from before. But I totally get where your coming from as I would change his bit every couple of weeks before as it was the only way I could keep braked lol
Try changing bits, it can make the biggest difference until he gets slower, than u can change back
Make sure you have a balanced and collected trot before attempting the canter. Sit deeper in your saddle - use your weight to slow him down.
I have a lot of experience with TB, OTTBs especially and the best thing to do is a TON of transition work, think less about β€œslowing him down” and more about controling his speed! Once you have done enough transition work you can focus on collecting and further controling the gait, hope this helps:)
Trot canter transitions, hill work up and down. And two poles about 5 strides apart and practice getting 5 strides, then at the same distance get 6 strides and 7 if you can, also go the other way, get 4 strides
Well, cantering poles, cantering caveletti's, hill work, and maybr just all out galloping/running will
Help! πŸ’š What helped my mule slow down was playing poles random and cockeyed. He has to watch his feet not his speed, and making him take angled jumps help makr them slow down!πŸ’šπŸ’š
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