Who's like me and doesn't eat before shows? I really can't but do usually have an up'n go (liquid breakfast) to sip on the way. What do you guys do?

I binge eat on the way to a show ngl 😂😂
I basically don't eat all day long at horse shows, I just am too stressed and usually running around like a headless chicken!!
I don’t even like yogurt tbh, but that’s all i eat at horse shows haha. It’s all i can stomach, and it’s pretty good for you.
I could never eat before my first class, but once that's over, I'm able to eat again. I used to eat really good dinners the night before to help make sure I was ready, and I drink a lot for the week or so leading up to the show to make sure I'm hydrated just in case I forget. If it was a summer show, I would always bring one of those half gallon Gatorade jugs to drink throughout the day. With winter shows, I stuck with water and hot chocolate from the concession stands.
I can only stomach protein shakes, and if those are too much, just fruit smoothies!
I usually just eat a piece of fruit, like a banana 😂
I don't eat at the show but that if it is a one day show. Mounted games use to have two days show. I only drink a lot
I try to eat oatmeal, protein bar and a sport drink!
I don’t eat until the show ends, I only drink fluids
I never eat much, but always make sure you’re drinking lots of water because I always tend to get dehydrated then I don’t feel well
I make sure I get a good breakfast with protein and carbs because the shows I’ve been at take a long time and by the end I’m hungry, so I also take a small granola bar.
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