Does some of you still have your first horse/pony? Breed/height/name..?

Yes his name is Montego Bay ( Monty) and he is a 14.3 Arabian gelding
Still have my first horse, I've had her for almost 13 years now. She is a 15h Palomino Quarter horse named Missy 😊
Sadly no. She died a while back. She was a 29y/o registered flea bitten Arabian named J.J. Anja!💚😢😭 She was such an amazing horse.
Still have my first pony Noah, Arabian purebred 1.55m high. Still ride and show him too! I've had him for 13 years now, got him as a 5yo, he's turning 19 next spring 😊 I don't think I could ever part with him, he'll stay with me until the end.
Yes and I will be keeping him for the rest of his life. I've had him 10 years now. He's a 16.2hh, 19yro Irish sport horse.
no but his name was major. in his mid 20s and about 15hh. quarter horse
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