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What do you put on your horse legs after show jumping?

What do you put on your horse legs after show jumping?
@mpmsporthorses what brand of ice boots do you use?
Ice boots for 15 mins, hand walk for 10 mins, poltice, wrap. 👍🏻
If they have done a lot of jumping I would clay them (StaySound leg clay) to keep the legs cool and depending on the horse I would wrap them in wet brown paper and then bandage them. Or if they haven't done too much jumping I would use the Cavalor blue cooling gel on them👍
I use ice boots first, then poultice the legs and pack the hooves with Magic Cushion
I wash them with ice cold water
Poultice or Betavet Cool n Tite
@avacross how does back on track work?
Ice boots . Then once his legs are dry we like to put liniment on and standing wraps.
blue lotion
Ice boots or back on track boots... then some liniment after the boots
You can hose them down and put cold water boots or ice boots on them
Ice boots
I cool them with Ice Vibes or cold water. After cross country I add poultice wraps afterwards for the night.
Sore no more gel or sore no more poultice. Any liniment works, really. Absorbine is good, but be careful of burns.