What do you guys do with your horses for fun? I think I want to teach mine some tricks 😊

My last horse learned to smile, and he was super at it! There’s tutorials on YouTube and such. Another one that I’m teaching my current horse currently is actually to sit, and there’s YouTube tutorials for that as well. (My recommendation is Elisa Wallace’s video)
Also, I’m teaching the mustang I’m working with, Ringo, his name. When I say his name and he looks over, I give him a treat. It also teaches him to come and to trust me more so I’m loving that.
(Sorry that was kinda long woopsee) have a good one !!
Swimming in the pond
I like doing random stuff, like having fun with an exercise ball, letting them push it. Teaching them to smile is a cool trick, and really easy to teach.
tackless riding & groundwork
I like just hanging it in their pasture or field and riding a book and just being around them
YouTube or Facebook search Lucy Chester she's an amazing liberty trainer and I love her friendship between her and her horse ♥️
Liberty ❤️
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