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What are your favourite exercises for your personal fitness?

What are your favourite exercises for your personal fitness?
Anything that rowers do is good for riding as it builds core strength
Yoga 💯
Pilates and running works best for me but my trainer in my previous town swore by crossfit and the current one mixes up spinning and weights. Specifically squats and the many variations are good. Planks, Russian twists, side planks, bicycle twists, do the tour around your entire core and not just the upper
abs with sit ups only 😉
Horse riding is the best of all exercises to me.... It builds your bond with your horse while building your core and muscles we all know that sore feeling we get in no stirrup november that's the workout right there if you feel the burn your getting somewhere..... Unless your on the beach..... Then your getting sunburned
I love doing Zumba and strength training. Yoga is also really good to do. (I should do it more often 😂)
I personally find boxing, yoga and running great. Each to their own benefits👌🏼 Interesting to find out what others like to do.
Yoga!! so good for so many reasons :)
Planks are good again. If you Google it I once found some really good ones to do before riding
planks for life. they work lots of different muscles at the same time & dont hurt/wear down your joints