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I’m a new rider and I really want to be good. Any tips?

I’m a new rider and I really want to be good. Any tips?
Lots of lessons
HITS(hours in the saddle)!
Be consistent in your riding, most importantly enjoy it- if you have a passion you'll succeed no matter what
Time in the saddle! Ride bareback to ride better. And it’s a great confidence booster. Read books also!
Practice, practice. That is the most important. If you are a hunter, work on flat a lot bc it will help you so much!
Keep trying and don’t give up! If something doesn’t go right, don’t get discouraged. Bad rides lead to good rides. Just remember that you’ll have lots of bad rides and you’ll have good rides too! :)
Keep trying! And remember horses learn from release of pressure, not pressure.
Get a good trainer this way you can learn from them and they can keep you right preventing bad habits to develop.
Ride bareback alot, and be gentle with the reins. A soft had is a very important asset.💚
learn the hard way ;) i had to learn without stirrups & a girth. teaches you correct balance & how to use your muscles properly. if i wanted to do something new, i got my stirrups & girth taken away again.