Any advice on being confident in your riding and not caring about the unnecessary criticism and what other people think?

There’s always going to be someone better then you. And there’s always going to be someone worse. Take any criticism and work on it and make yourself better
Take necessary criticism! But everyone’s already saying that, so one of my favorite quotes that I live by in the horse world; “A true champion never gives up on themselves, even when everyone else does.”
Thanks everyone! It means alot 😊❤
What everyone else said, but also remember that criticism is good! You need it to become better.
Your riding, not them!
Remember to ride for yourself!! That’s the reason we’ve all started this sport anyways. Take the good criticism and apply it and don’t let anything get it the way. Work as hard as you can and one day (I’m speaking from experience) you’ll realize that it’s all background noise.
OWN IT! We all make mistakes, including the pros. But you can't dwell over the mistakes or other people's thoughts / negativity, you've just got to move on and remember why you do this- for the love of the horses. Don't let them take that away from you 🤗
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