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Do you use half pads and if so, what type?

Do you use half pads and if so, what type?
avacallo ones are good work really well and they look really good and they aren’t as expensive as ogilvy and eco gold
I love my ogilvy
I've a devacoux gel correction half pad. I've 3 saddles and 11 horses so it helps with ensure a good fit for each horse until I win the lotto and can buy a couple of different fits of saddles.
I use an Acavallo gel pad, they are shock absorbing and non-slip really nice looking too. Charlotte Dujardin and Scott Brash use them
Ya oglivy’s are good but some people say they are too spongy ecogolds are amazing since they are good for your horses back but they are really expensive. They are said to be good though.
I use fleece works for just a normal sheepskin halfpad. But for just a little but of extra shock absorbing I use a thin line
Oglivy are really good but expensive