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How can I get out of the habit of leaning into turns?

How can I get out of the habit of leaning into turns?
Bareback helped me. Although it depends on your experience as well as the horse you are on. If you want to stay saddled sit back and push up your left shoulder if turning left and vise versa. Also, put a lot of your weight in your right stirrup
Thanks everybody!
when you ride it will move with you and allow you to really become aware of how your using you body and distributing your weight.
i found an excersise where you take your stirrups and put the leather through the buckle of the OTHER leather and make it a large circle. place it over the pommel of your saddle and
My trainer had me look to my horses outside ear and think about aligning my shoulder with it. Although I don’t even have it as a major issue anymore, I still do it :)
Just reminding yourself (or having someone remind u) and stepping into your outside stirrup
drop your iron when you feel like you're leaning.
Work continuously in a circle for 10-15 minutes every time you ride (make sure you go both ways!!) and work on leaning towards the outside an have someone else watch you and tell you when you’re leaning in too much
I hook my stirrups together so that way they aren’t attached to the saddle. (You hook the left buckle to the right stirrup leather and the left buckle to the right and then lay it on your saddle) That makes it so if you lean then you will fall! 😂
Or just slap yourself
Have someone spray you with a bottle every time you do it.... Gets me out of any habit