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Anybody have any tips on what to do when your 4 years old bucks when you ask to move forward?

Anybody have any tips on what to do when your 4 years old bucks when you ask to move forward?
My 5 year old did the same thing but not that much anymore. I mean he is young they will have those moments because this is new. So I just would sit back and work him out of his bucking. Eventually they just give up because it’s a lot of work to buck and all🙄 😂
Bucking is the horses way of saying that he does not want to move forward - just like rearing. One of the main reasons why a young horse will not want to move forward is because:
- his tack does not fit correctly
- he is in discomfort or pain
- he does not respect his rider, and therefore does not accept the forward aid, and evades this through bucking.
- he is excited and just wants to burn energy
You'll find that at first it's mainly because of excitement. Your horse is finding all of this energy and has nothing to do with it, so he'll throw in a buck now and then. You'll know if it's because of excitement because he will not pin his ears or swish his tail.
However, if he does pin his ears or swish his tail when bucking, it'll either be because he is hurting or he does not respect his rider.

To rule out the bucking problem (in terms of respect), you'll need to start off lunging. The only way to gain a horses respect is to move their feet left, right, forwards and backwards, just like a higher horse would decipher who is in charge in a herd. Clinton Anderson has some amazing videos on lunging for respect, so I highly recommend watching those!
Put pressure on him to move forward, either through body language, voice cue or a hand gesture. If he moves forward, great! Only then can you release the pressure. If he doesn't move forward, increase the pressure until he does. Use a whip if needs be as it replicates the action of a horse nipping his butt in order to move him. "The horse decides how nice you are."
Once you've established that you are in control of his feet, only then would I continue riding. Groundwork is essential if you want your horse to be responsive and respectful. If he still continues to throw in a few bucks after consistent groundwork, work by making the wrong thing hard and the right thing easy. For example:
If he bucks, pop him straight to work either in canter or some form of difficult exercise. He will eventually learn that bucking will mean work, so he will learn not to buck since it is the easiest option. Consistency is your best friend here!
Hope this helps!
Does he do the same on the longe? If not, it's probably tack related. If he does, it could be spinal or balance related
Have you checked if your girth is to tight
Try having a horse for it to follow
Hi , thanks for all advice vet was out all seemed fine dentist said same and checked tack I try to be consistant on making her move forward but she's very cheeky green and Mareish it's diffucly but I'll get there
give him his head & ride it out
Ignore and keep going hes only a baby still. But make sure he knows whos boss ao maybe tap on bum with whi
Consult your vet! Could be related to pain. If he doesnt want to move it could be uncomfortable to move with weight on him
Spin him around both ways everytime it bucks and show it who is the boss. Use your whip.
Be persistent, it’s the most important lesson they learn. And get a neck strap! :)
ride it out
Try just Turing and when they try to buck and after awhile they just go forwards
Try lunging for a solid 30 minutes and go both ways then hop on