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What temperature should you put any type of blanket on?

What temperature should you put any type of blanket on?
Get smart paks blanketing app! It will tell weather or not you need a blanket that day/
if your horse doesn't grow much of a coat even if it does get cold (even if he does), (s)he would probably appreciate blanketing!! especially if they do not have access to hay/ grass. i start blanketing between 25-30 with a light, a medium for 24- high teens & a heavy for anything below that. I use the "feels like" temp as that includes wind chill
Hello Madeline, the type of blanket your horse will need this winter depends on the conditions he'll be exposed to! If you not clipping your horse you don't need blankets. The horse generates his own blanket,a haircoat that is long enough and thick enough to withstand the coldest days of winter. It's an adjustable covering that flattens against or elevates above the skin as the horse grows warmer or cooler.
Blanketing is necessary for competition horses and foxhunters who are routinely clipped during colder weather to maintain a sleek appearance, reduce sweating, shorten cooling-out time and speed drying after rigorous workouts. Aged horses whose appetites and digestion may not supply enough fuel to keep flesh on their bones and their internal "furnaces" stoked require shelter or blanketing during bad weather.