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I'm having trouble keeping myself balanced in the saddle without my stirrups. Any tips?

I'm having trouble keeping myself balanced in the saddle without my stirrups. Any tips?
Also keep ur legs long heels down hands risen off of ur horses kneck and wrap your legs around the horse
Relax dont tense up and move with the horse
Strenghten your core muscles.
try sitting trot with no stirrups. or have someone come watch u ride and have them give u pointers
Go back to basics! Get someone to lunge you. Let the horse go slow trot and let the reins down and get hold of your own hips. Make sure you're looking up, head straight, make sure you're sat on your seatbones and use your core to absorb the horses movement, just go with it! Do it as often as you can and this should help.
There is a lot of exercises you can do in walk to open your hips and make yourself supple.
When you're on board, if you bring your knees right up so that they are touching, as high as you can, then open your knees outwards and push your leg back down, it really opens up your hip. Do it a few times and you'll feel the difference!
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Maybe have someone try lounging you around on the horse bareback and lift your arms Straight out and just use your core to balance, thats what I first did and it really helps !
Stay relaxed, let your hips move with your horse and keep your legs long and soft.
Lean back it really helps and don’t fight the movement!
Do lots of sitting trot without stirrups and learn how to absorb the bounce and move your hips with the movement of your horse. And tons of practice without stirrups will help! Fully utilize no stirrup november, and even do no stirrups when it’s not november. I try to do no stirrups every time I
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