I found my lovely 6 year old ex wild bush bred boy dead in the paddock the other day and I still am not sure what he died. Any ideas?

hey Grace I don't think he ate something poisonous because he was in quite a clean paddock and usually with poisoning there is abdominal pain (colic) in which case there would have been thrashing evidence and probably diarrhea which thankfully there wasn't. I haven't spoken with my vet yet, but a different vet mentioned he may have been struck by lightning as there was 15 minutes of heavy rain and lightning during the 2 hours I left him but on the other hand there wasn't a mark on him and when I returned the property was dry and sunny. And thanks everyone for your suggestions, the whole ordeal has left me baffled as he had been so good for me earlier that day but hopefully the vet might have the answer I'm looking for as Joey was a really special boy :)
im so sorry to hear about this. Could he have eaten a dangerous plant/flower 😔❤️
it wasn't colic because there were no thrash marks and fresh fecal evidence,I think it may have been a stroke or burst aorta. some experienced friends had a look at him and think he wen't very quickly and could have been dead before he hit the ground type of thing as there was absolutely no struggle he just had the blood and some sweat. yeah unfortunately I didn't have him insured as he was supposed to be the tough one hah and yeah I had just moved him to a small paddock on his own while I left the property for a couple hours
Can ask your vet for their conclusion, doesn’t have to be at a charge
Omg I don’t know but I’m so sorry about that! Actually I think it could be colic. Was he alone in the paddock?
Your insurance couldn't take charge of the autopsy ..? So sad :(
contact a vet....
Ohh no that’s sooooo sad
Maybe colic
He had a small amount of blood in both his nose and mouth and was a bit sweaty but there was practically no thrash marks so I assume he went quickly, I couldn’t afford an autopsy so if anyone has any ideas It would help so much.
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