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Today, more and more horse owners are using complementary therapies mesotherapy, balneotherapy, osteopathy...) to reduce recovery times and decrease the risk of re-injury. Which ones are the mot important to you/which frequency?

Today, more and more horse owners are using complementary therapies mesotherapy, balneotherapy, osteopathy...) to reduce recovery times and decrease the risk of re-injury. Which ones are the mot important to you/which frequency?
I use a lot of different therapist mainly massage once a month (more on horses working at a higher level or work load) the dentist every 6 months for a check, recommend saddle fitting min of 2x a year but seasonal would be the best, farrier every 6 weeks, I have regular massage and chiropractic treatments to stop me putting my horses out horses see chiropractor, and bowen for both of us. I have a lasor and magnetic products plus back on track for both me, my horses and my dogs (who also compete in dog sports)
Finding a good therapist can be hard not all with the same papers work as well as others I think the good ones have a 6th sense and your horses tend to let you know who they are. I also like to add a good natural diet and living environment as much as I can while they are domesticated. Hope that helps a bit?
Two weekly I use a fisio and shockwave therapy
Hi Daryl. I always encourage people to find someone that you trust and is good at their job, not just a job title. A bit of experience is great
My horse is 16 and she is also 15.1 hh and our discipline is show jumping. She gets a 45 minute -1hour massage every 4 weeks and I stretch out her legs and neck before riding. I find that this really helps her to be more comfortable and relaxed while being ridden and it makes me happy knowing that she is comfortable.
I stretch and massage my horse before and after ever ride. The likelihood that I will need other body work done for my horse is greatly reduced by keeping him loose.
I use what ever is necessary for my horse, I even used Bach flowers too...
I use Bowen therapy, massage and physio when required to ensure my horses are comfortable and using themselves correctly in an effort to reduce the risk of injury.
Osteopathy is faboulous. For my horse is the best
Physio therapy.. Others not yet widely available in South Africa
EMS done on my boy as we compete as much as possible and with his EMS treatments he acts like he never did anything in the first place. Plus he loves it!
mesotherapy 1per month
balneotheraphy 1per 6 months
ostheopathy 1per 3 months
partial massages 3 per week
I have had fysiotherapists and osteophatists work on my horse, which have both helped quite a lot. She had some major muscle-issues when I bought her, but now she lives a happy and normal horse life :) I don't have a specifick frequency for when I let someone come, just whenever my horse seems to need it. (mostly once or twice a year now)
I am not aware of these therapy techniques but I am aware of natural horsemanship which I do use a lot and this helps my horse.
Bowen therapy - every 3 months or so. It’s fantastiv for ‘resetting’ a horse and helping to ensure he/she is carrying themselves correctly
It is always good to ensure that your horse health condition is good, so the use of different therapies is a common and popular praxis.

One of the ways to help your horse is stem cell therapy, which can reduce a horse recovery time (first results after stem cell treatment injection can be seen already after first two weeks), and decrease the risk of getting a repeated injury by up to 90% (stem cell therapy does not form a scar tissue).

To understand better how can you reduce horse recovery time and decrease the risk of getting a repeated injury, you should understand how horse tissue heals. You can read more information about this process in one of our articles here:
Most important thing to me is the maintenance of the horses before they get injured, though massage, chiro, farrier, vets and dentists
As a physiotherapy student, perhaps I am a little biased but I'm delighted complementary therapy is on the rise, and not just for injury recovery. Complementary therapy can be used to decrease the risk of injury in the first place, as well as help with orthopaedic and neurological diseases.

I would urge people to research before they start anything though. There is a difference between a physiotherapist and a "back man". Always, when possible, read reviews from other clients, and make sure your therapist is registered and insured.
I think it's a positive evolution for horse's health and comfort!
I supplement my horse all the time! In addition to a well balanced diet I provide to my horse, things like: electrolytes after competitions, a food vitamin or mineral supplement like a block of salt to maintain their condition during the winter season. Also I call the osteopath every 6 months in supplement of the veterinary check every year :)