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What’s your opinion on memory foam half pads?

What’s your opinion on memory foam half pads?
A lot of people find that they’re great for their backs as well as the horses! Ogivlys are great, come in many different colour combos too
they are great! i would rather use an ogilvy half pad
They are nice and form fitting to all horses, but do not stay in place very well
I use an inexpensive one maybe $30 and my mare loves it. We went from a riser (I didn’t need the lift with her) to this because she didn’t like the pad alone.
they compress too much imo & dont do anything after a while
Hello Kate, I ride a lot of different horses at my barn so memory foam half pads are great in my case !
I was getting pretty sick of not being able to use my saddle on all the horses I rode because I have a pretty nice, comfortable saddle, if I may say so myself.
Now I don't need to adapt my saddle i just have to put an half pad like the Ogilvy memory foam Jumper Halfpad :)
i don't care for them
They're great!
I have a pei one and I love it. The foam has holes in it, so it allows the air to travel through