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What are your opinions on draw reins? Very divided opinions on this subject and I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts!

What are your opinions on draw reins? Very divided opinions on this subject and I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts!
As my personal opinion, I don't like them. A horse working correctly comes from the entire horse, back to front. If the backend isn't engaging & the horse isn't going forward well, having draw reins won't fix that. The horse needs to work accross it's back to work correctly, forcing his neck won't encourage that. I personally think it's an unnecessary peice of equipment, the rider & horse will come to rely on them & when he's over muscled, tense in areas & sore is when people start to blame the animal.
I think there's a right and a wrong way. I personally don't use them and the horse could become dependent on them when you could have the same results without them.
They are good if use properly, but I recommend them only if really necessary... you can obtain the same result also with the gogue
They're fine as a training aid used correctly, however not any good if the rider needs them, for example, for a horse recovering from back issues it is good because it prevents the horses from lifting their heads when they need to be down in order to aid recovery, works wonders, once the muscles are built for holding the head down they will no longer be needed
they force the head down & the horse always becomes dependent on them. they're pointless. you can accomplish the same thing without them
We sometimes use them when my young horse gets overly nappy. Just as a sort of stabilising aid so that the hands don't have to get too harsh when she gets too shaky. But they're used on a long looping contact as if they were a curb on the double. As soon as she gets balanced and stable again they go right off, it's more as a learning/stabilising aid than anything else. Would not use them otherwise as they are very easy to be used incorrectly to force a horse into a frame.
Personally I'm not a fan, my issue with them is that both riders and horses become reliant on them, and can't ride/work properly without them. The horses don't know where they are meant to put their head and the riders don't know how to ask the horse to work in an outline. If used properly and sparingly I suppose they have their use although I rarely see this!
Hey Drew, I ride them like I would ride in a double bridle or a pelham; My main rein through the snaffle and then the secondary rein being the draw. So normal reins are primary.